Global Network For Spiritual Success

Global Network For Spiritual Success

Opportunity to Accelerate Personal & Global Transformation

Create World Harmony

Join the other members of the Global Network at noon, local time, and pause for a few moments to put your attention on The Spiritual Law of the Day. The collective consciousness of our members worldwide having their attention on the same law will create a global wave of coherence generating love and harmony around the world.

The Law of Pure Potentiality
Silent Meditation - Commune with Nature - Non-Judgment

The Law of Giving
Give - Receive - Circulate

The Law of Karma
Witness Choices - Evaluate Consequences - Listen to you Heart

The Law of Least Effort
Acceptance - Responsibility - Defenselessness

The Law of Intention and Desire
List Desires - Release and Surrender to the Universe

The Law of Detachment
Detached Involvement - Wisdom of Uncertainty - Infinite Possibilities

The Law of Dharma
Discover the Higher Self - List Unique Talents - Serve Others

"...there is a lot happening. If we were to envision our path together, I would say that we could envision only for the next one or two years. What lies beyond that may be even beyond our imagination, because the tools for our imagination are our current experiences. And, as our experiences change, so, too, will the world that we imagine and then the world that we create." --Deepak Chopra

International Headquarters:
The Chopra Center For Well Being
7630 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, California 92037 USA

Phone: 619/551-7111 or 888-820-8571
Fax: 619/551-1363

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The Global Network for Spiritual Success

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